some products for Rwanda or  Ghana
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We clean surface water to make it drinkable. Our technology is affordable and transportable. We specialize on water from rivers, lakes, rain, and make it drinkable. We provide the energy to clean it, so that it can work in off grid regions. We look for cooperations for this.  
more pictures about water
Solar cooling, DUMSOR cooling: We offer complete packages of photovoltatic with electronics together with electric load (device): for example solar ICE MAKER Solar Drying - Ukaushati Kwa Sola : we give advice to dry vegetables and fruits to improve your export possibilities.
Impressum cooling and drying Autarker_Strom_Ruanda_Deutsch light for huts as a business
our products are configuered individually: the following items are samples This side is changing often; it ‘s worth to look soon at it again/ver 11.10.15
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